Counterfeit detector, Ultraviolet - Black - mmf200sm

Counterfeit detector, Ultraviolet - Black - mmf200sm

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Ultraviolet - Black - mmf200sm

-Versatile counterfeit detector is designed to authenticate bills quickly and easily.

-To check for counterfeits, simply swipe the bill, and the detector will beep if it is suspect.

-In addition to automatic swipe test (verification), suspect bills can be visually checked for security thread using the UV illumination.

-Built-in ultraviolet illumination can be used to verify many forms of identification quickly and easily, including checks, credit cards, driver's licenses and passports.

-Counterfeit detector also detects counterfeit bills in foreign currencies such as Euros, Pesos, and most other currencies.

-Exterior is made of sturdy plastic.

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